Álvaro Medina Ballester

Entropy Dispatcher

June 15, 2018

Entropy Dispatcher is a part of WDNA’s solutions for network management. It is intented to provide assistance and work orders to field operators working for mobile networking companies that install and manage mobile networks.

The app is entirely build on React Native, implementing a custom JSON-based form rendering and dynamic workflow that enables field operators to manage their job orders efficiently. We built for iOS and Android using the same React Native codebase.

The app is a part of WDNA’s private tools and it’s not available for download.

Hi 👋! I’m Álvaro, a software engineer living in Palma, Spain. My current focus is on the intersection of mobile, front-end engineering, design and product development.

I have worked for startups and big companies, helping them envision their mobile strategy. Currently, I serve as a Mobile Tech Lead at APSL.net. Learn more about me.

The header image is a simulation of material orbiting close to a Black Hole. Original. Credits: ESO/Gravity Consortium/L. Calçada.