Álvaro Medina Ballester

Staying Safe

June 13, 2017

Staying Safe is an app developed for the US National Development & Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI) that has the objective of preventing the transmission of diseases between opioid injectors.

It is a React Native app built for iOS and Android, only available for the US market.

Hi 👋! I’m Álvaro, a software engineer living in Palma, Spain. My current focus is on the intersection of mobile, front-end engineering, design and product development.

I have worked for startups and big companies, helping them envision their mobile strategy. Currently, I serve as a Mobile Tech Lead at APSL.net. Learn more about me.

The header image is a simulation of material orbiting close to a Black Hole. Original. Credits: ESO/Gravity Consortium/L. Calçada.