Álvaro Medina Ballester

Hi 👋! I’m Álvaro, a

software engineer
PDD candidate
living in Palma, Spain. My current focus is on the intersection of engineering, product development and management.

I have worked for startups and big companies, helping them envision their mobile strategy and leading technical teams. Currently, I serve as General Manager at Fundació Bit. Learn more about me.

The header image is a simulation of material orbiting close to a Black Hole. Original. Credits: ESO/Gravity Consortium/L. Calçada.



Entropy Dispatcher

Rentals PMS

TUI Toogle

Envío Dinero

Staying Safe

Two Good Neighbours




Open Source

I've been building and collaborating to open source software since the beginning of my engineering career. My current focus is on React and React Native, having contributed to both technologies. I have also built OSS that has been downloaded more than 5 million times and it's used by more than 25.000 projects.


I have several publications in different types of media on Internet. I published two React Native courses on PacktPub: Building your application with React Native and Publishing your application with React Native. I'm also an active StackOverflow user, you can check my profile and reputation here.


March 31, 2017

New blog and new site

July 27, 2014

Using ranges in strings with Swift