I'm a software engineer1 and a manager2 living in Palma, Spain. I've been working on digital products for the past 10 years, mainly on mobile apps for both start-ups and big companies. I started developing iPhone apps for iOS 5 and I've been experimenting with different technologies in the mobile realm, from native environments to hybrid solutions. Currently, I work as an Engineering Manager at Packlink (part of Auctane), driving the subscription team, responsible for building the SaaS model of the PRO product.

Prior to that, in 2017 I was in charge of the mobile development team at APSL, managing customers, onboarding people and leading the tech for mobile apps. My experience managing engineers and projects drove my interest to switch from individual contributor to team lead. On 2019, I fully switched into management, taking the role of general manager of a government company called Fundació BIT, which executes software for the public sector, from hospitals to e-admin.

Before 2017 I had the luck of being in charge of the mobile team of an start-up incubator named Mola.com, which gave me a lot of insight and experience about building and scaling digital products with a lean approach. During my career as individual contributor and manager I've been able to contribute to several open source projects like Facebook's react-native, tcomb, among others, and I've also created popular components like react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view or react-native-version-number. I've also given talks and published courses on React Native development.

Contribute to the community, create and foster good environments to help people grow, explore how different technologies can have positive impact on businesses and projects is my passion.

  1. BSc., MSc. from Universitat de les Illes Balears (Spain).
  2. PDD, Program for Management Development from IESE Business School (Spain).

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