Scanguest is the most exciting app I’ve worked so far. It shows the capabilities of React Native as a super powerful platform to build user interfaces without compromising the app capabilities. The Scanguest app is an iOS & Android app that enables the user to scan MRZ areas of personal documents to perform automatic guest check-in for rental vacation homes.

Scanguest uses augmented reality, image processing and machine learning to detect, extract and analyze the text areas that are zones of interest in the personal documents. I was responsible of product development, wireframing, design, developer lead and mobile team management for this app, including also I+D research for the Vision.framework platform of the iOS SDK.


The team successfully managed to deliver an outstanding performance for speed detection and accuracy, implementing a custom detection algorithm for iOS and Android. The app consists of three codebases, two for each native detection module and one for the React Native app. However, we have offered this product inside the Rentals PMS package, with a different design and parameters, reusing all the same codebase.

You can download the app for iOS and Android.

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